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We Cannot Build Ourselves out of the Housing Crisis

Nesterly Co-Founder and CEO, Noelle Marcus, was invited to contribute an Op-Ed for the New Cities Foundation special feature on Affordable Housing, along with Habitat for Humanity CEO and the Mayor of Oakland. Click the image below to read more about why Nesterly is an important solution to the affordable housing crisis.  We Cannot Build Ourselves […]

Loneliness is a serious public-health problem

The Economist Doctors and policymakers in the rich world are increasingly worried about loneliness. Last year Vivek Murthy, a former surgeon-general of the United States, called loneliness an epidemic, likening its impact on health to obesity or smoking 15 cigarettes per day. In January Theresa May, the British prime minister, appointed a minister for loneliness. […]

The U.S. Isn’t Just Getting Older. It’s Getting More Segregated by Age.

This is the most age-segregated society that’s ever been.Cornell University professor Karl Pillemer The abject absence of contact between generations undoubtedly contributes to worries about a coming generational war pitting kids versus canes over scarce public resources. But the biggest problem is widespread ageism rooted in stereotypes and sustained by the lack of contact between […]

The health benefits of shared living

Living with others offers a way to stay independent and avoid a cascade of mental, emotional and physical health problems. Harvard Medical School publication refers Nesterly as a resource for shared living. Some of the benefits the article lists include: Living with others can help you stay independent, depending on the situation. For instance: It […]

Where We Live: Communities for All Ages

Nesterly was featured in AARP’s 2018 Where We Live publication.  Rethink What Makes a Great Roommate One-third of households will be headed by someone 65 or over by 2035. Half of those people will be living alone (or maybe not) Noelle Marcus and Rachel Goor, urban planning graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology turned […]

MIT Startups Nesterly, Confer Health honored with Entrepreneurship Awards

These MIT startups aren’t just business success stories — they’re improving people’s lives.

This Housing App Pairs Boston’s Baby Boomers with Graduate Student Roommates

MIT-born Nesterly aims to combat the city’s affordability crisis. This Housing App Pairs Boston’s Baby Boomers with Graduate Student Roommates

The Airbnb For Affordable Housing Is Here

Nesterly, a new platform that pairs older homeowners with young renters, is riding a wave of interest in multigenerational living.

Affordable Housing Crisis Ideas That Are So Crazy They Just Might Work

Nesterly publishes joint press release with the Housing Innovation Lab

Big news: not only did the Mayor mention us in his Chamber of Commerce speech last week, but we were also featured prominently in the press release that the City put out summarizing his key points. In addition, we release a joint press release in partnership with City’s Housing Innovation Lab specific to the intergenerational […]