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Nesterly tackles the two big challenges of housing affordability and aging in place with one simple solution – intergenerational homesharing. Join us in building a more interconnected and affordable world together, one home at a time.

Our story

Nesterly mission Founder and CEO, Noelle Marcus, presenting to 250 mayors at the 2018 US Conference of Mayors.
Nesterly was born out of the belief that access to housing should be a fundamental human right. We also grew up in tightknit intergenerational communities and know the profound impact that it has had on our lives.

Press mentions

The Perks of Roommates With a 50-Year Age Difference


Intergenerational homesharing has taken off. The pandemic has complicated the calculus, but some say it’s more vital than ever. From their first conversation, Nellie Goodwin knew that she and Sarah would make great roommates. For Nellie, 77 and recently widowed, Sarah’s sunny personality was a balm, and her weekend trips back to her parents’ house […]

Boston Seniority Magazine: Home Sweet Home


Nesterly Host Bettina and Guest Lawson featured in March edition of Age Strong Boston’s Seniority Magazine. “Lawson is so helpful and friendly,” says Bettina. “He does a lot for us and is a great companion. I expected that the guests that we have found through this program were going to help, but I didn’t expect […]

Home-sharing program aims to help elderly property owners


As the cost of rent continues to rise in Columbus, some are finding it hard to find a nice, safe, affordable place to live. However, a new home-sharing program is changing that. It’s a very unique program called Nesterly. It works in a couple of ways, allowing elderly homeowners the chance to make some extra money […]

How to Refeather Your Empty Nest


Time to decide if you want to renovate for a new lifestyle, rent out the extra space, or upgrade so you can host the next generation. Peggy Griffin, of Wellesley, Mass., prefer renting out an unused bedroom to long-term boarders. Ms. Griffin, an employee of the Federal Transit Administration, said she didn’t want to be […]

Seniors are renting out their home as a side hustle for extra income


Some apps are marketing to seniors who may be looking to start a side hustle mainly for social interaction. The app Nesterly pairs seniors with empty rooms in their homes with students and young people who may be saddled with student loans or high housing costs with affordable places to live. It aims to combat […]

Have a Spare Room? Try Renting It to a Grad Student


Home Match is one of at least 39 organizations around the country that connect older homeowners with younger tenants, according to the National Shared Housing Resource Center, which provides a directory of them. There’s now even an online start-up called Nesterly that does this in Boston and Columbus, Ohio, with plans to expand into other cities. […]

Grad Students: Need an Affordable Place to Live? New Site Connects Generations


Nesterly matches students who need affordable housing with Boston-area empty nesters who have a room to spare Sharrice Autry is a 36-year-old third-generation minister from Detroit studying at BU’s School of Theology. Alison Brown is a 61-year-old mother of four adult children and an empty nester who lives in suburban Newton. Together, they’re congenial roommates […]