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Nesterly tackles the two big challenges of housing affordability and aging in place with one simple solution – intergenerational homesharing. Join us in building a more interconnected and affordable world together, one home at a time.

Our story

Nesterly mission Co-founder and CEO, Noelle Marcus, presenting to 250 mayors at the 2018 US Conference of Mayors.
Nesterly was born out of the belief that access to housing should be a fundamental human right. We also grew up in tightknit intergenerational communities and know the profound impact that it has had on our lives.

Press mentions

Empty-nester + young adult = perfect roommates?


Nesterly was featured on the front page of The Boston Globe on Sunday, October 21. After living with more than a dozen different roommates in his young life, most of them strangers, Dean Kaplan is well-versed in the particulars of those first meetings — the short introductions, the perfunctory pleasantries, and then the quick getting […]

Op-Ed: We Cannot Build Ourselves out of the Housing Crisis


Nesterly Co-Founder and CEO, Noelle Marcus, was invited to contribute an Op-Ed for the New Cities Foundation special feature on Affordable Housing, along with Habitat for Humanity CEO and the Mayor of Oakland. Click here or on the image below to read more about why we believe Nesterly is an important solution to the affordable housing […]

Loneliness is a serious public-health problem


Nesterly, founded in 2016, is designed to make it easier for older singletons with spare rooms to rent them to young people who help in the house for a discount on rent. Users sign up to the platform and create a profile, then make a listing for their room. Last year the startup teamed up […]

The U.S. Isn’t Just Getting Older. It’s Getting More Segregated by Age.


The abject absence of contact between generations undoubtedly contributes to worries about a coming generational war pitting kids versus canes over scarce public resources. But the biggest problem is widespread ageism rooted in stereotypes and sustained by the lack of contact between old and young. A new group of innovators is finding efficiencies not in […]

The health benefits of shared living


Harvard Medical School publication refers Nesterly as a resource for shared living. Living with others offers a way to stay independent and avoid a cascade of mental, emotional and physical health problems. Some of the benefits the article lists include: Living with others can help you stay independent, depending on the situation. For instance: It […]

Where We Live: Communities for All Ages


Nesterly was featured in AARP’s 2018 Where We Live publication.

MIT Startups Nesterly, Confer Health honored with Entrepreneurship Awards


These MIT startups aren’t just business success stories — they’re improving people’s lives. Read the full story:

This Housing App Pairs Boston’s Baby Boomers with Graduate Student Roommates


MIT-born Nesterly aims to combat the city’s affordability crisis. This Housing App Pairs Boston’s Baby Boomers with Graduate Student Roommates