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This hack will help you balance work and childcare


When you’re under the same roof as your children, all the time, things can become chaotic.

The conference call with your coworkers can be easily interrupted or your child’s remote-learning session can get cut short by an urgent work request. There is a lot to juggle, but here are some ways to create a balance:

Set expectations

It might seem strange, but setting up a meeting with your children to go over expectations can be incredibly helpful. It’s important they understand that you being present in the home, doesn’t mean you’re available all the time.

Enforce boundaries

Once you’ve set expectations with your child, it’s important to enforce clear boundaries. Depending on their age, this task can be tricky. Be sure to tell your child that you need to work for a set amount of time and give appropriate warning so that they don’t feel the change is too abrupt. You might also want to visually represent the duration with a timer. Using a tool like a timer will allow you to direct your child’s attention towards something visual if they interrupt you.

Maintain a schedule

With so much going on, it can be hard to stick to a consistent schedule with your kids. It’s important to maintain some sort of structure with regular bedtimes and wake times, learning times, play times, meal times and so forth. Check out WHO’s parenting tips for creating a routine for your child.

Give yourself a break and get some help

Cut yourself some slack! This ‘new normal’ can definitely take a toll on your stress levels, so it’s essential that you give yourself time off. If you have spare space in your home, consider signing up for Nesterly. With Nesterly, not only can you make extra income, but you’ll also have a helpful housemate who can look after your children if you need to run to the supermarket or take an hour or two to yourself.

Learn more about Nesterly and our task exchange option.

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