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How to stay healthy if you live with housemates during COVID-19


If you are in a current homeshare, or have housemates, we recommend setting up a house meeting to discuss expectations and plans for the coming weeks amid the uncertainty of COVID-19. The CDC has specific recommendations for living in close quarters during the pandemic.

1. Start by pledging that you are each committed to ensuring a safe and disinfected environment.

2. Outline the specific steps your household will take to ensure you have a healthy home. This is especially important if you have a more susceptible person in the household (such as older adults, or anyone with underlying health conditions, such as heart or lung disease or diabetes).

Such steps may include:

  • Coming up with a schedule for deep-cleaning surfaces used regularly in your home, especially in the kitchen, bathroom, and shared spaces. The CDC recommends some specific clean products and best practices.
    • Use gloves if you have them
    • Open the window(s) in common areas as often as you can; this will help keep fresh air circulating.
    • Make sure all trash cans—including the small one in the bathroom—have a liner/trash bag in them.
    • Avoid sharing personal household items like cups, plates, utensils, and towels during this time.
  • Try to maintain some physical distance. The general guidance from health experts recommend 6 feet.
  • Reach a shared understanding on your visitor policy.

3. Finally, keep an open line of communication. Take this opportunity to proactively keep a safe household and look out for one another.

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