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A note from Nesterly on the well-being and safety of our community


Nesterly is committed to the well-being and safety of our community. Amid the uncertainty of COVID-19, we want you to know that we’re here for you. We also want to ensure that you have access to relevant information and the resources you need to make informed decisions for you and your household in the coming weeks.

  • For those currently in a homeshare, or living with roommates, please read this short blog post we wrote on what you can do to take care of your health.
  • If you’re in a homeshare and considering making changes, we have your back and will waive fees associated with altering or canceling your booking.
  • As always, homesharing is optional. If you decide to start a new homeshare in the next couple of weeks, please take advantage of our online messaging feature to connect with others. We encourage you to save in-person meetings for serious candidates.
  • Our community support team is here for you. We’ll be updating this general guide with resources on how to stay informed and take care of your health on an ongoing basis. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at hello@nesterly.com or 877-958-8785.

Nesterly’s mission is to create a more interconnected world and that is now needed more than ever. We will continue to offer support to our community, provide relevant safety information and ensure that our services remain available to the households that rely on us.

We hope that each of you stay safe and that we take the opportunity to look out for one another. We’re all in this together and are grateful for all that you do to make this community so special.

The Nesterly Team

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