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Home-sharing program aims to help elderly property owners


As the cost of rent continues to rise in Columbus, some are finding it hard to find a nice, safe, affordable place to live. However, a new home-sharing program is changing that.

It’s a very unique program called Nesterly. It works in a couple of ways, allowing elderly homeowners the chance to make some extra money and have a bit of company in the process. It also allows renters to find an affordable place to live.

It’s no secret that Columbus is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Signs of progress are all around. The only drawback with that growth, the cost of living continues to rise. Corina Tamalpias knows that all too well.

“Housing in Columbus is becoming pretty expensive, even small apartments are expensive,” Tamalpias told ABC 6.

As an older homeowner on a fixed income, she told ABC 6 that it can be tough.

“Oh gosh yeah, try living on social security,” said Tamalpias.

Now though there is a bit of financial relief thanks to a new home-sharing program recently launched in Columbus called Nesterly. Think Airbnb, the only difference is the homeowner and renter live together.

“They don’t have to furnish it, they don’t have to maintain it, they can show up and do what they need to do and get on down the road,” said Tamalpias.

The program is run through the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging. Frances Krumholtz directs the program.

“It’s great for folks who are new to the city, that are young professionals. It tends to be a more affordable bedroom then if you are looking on your own, say for a one-bedroom,” Krumholtz told ABC 6.

Nesterly even performs the background checks on potential renters and they collect rent. Securing that additional income and needed company for some.

“It’s just a great opportunity to keep them engaged, keep them safe and well where they want to be,” said Krumholtz.

“Having another person in your home is a safety thing. Because say you fall, someone knows you’ve fallen. Someone is around and that’s a benefit to people who are isolated and alone,” Tamalpias told ABC 6.

For homeowners like Tamalpias, the program off to a positive start.

Nesterly started in Boston. The city of Columbus is only the second market in the country to try this program out. So far, attention has been growing and more people have been taking part. To find out more information if you’re looking to rent space or if you’re looking for a place to live click here.

Watch the video feature, here: https://abc6onyourside.com/on-your-side/home-sharing-program-aims-to-help-elderly-property-owners

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