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How to Refeather Your Empty Nest


Time to decide if you want to renovate for a new lifestyle, rent out the extra space, or upgrade so you can host the next generation.

Peggy Griffin, of Wellesley, Mass., prefer renting out an unused bedroom to long-term boarders. Ms. Griffin, an employee of the Federal Transit Administration, said she didn’t want to be a hotelier and liked that she could help keep rents more affordable in the greater-Boston area.

After two of her triplets permanently moved out in 2013, she has found tenants through Nesterly, an online home-share service that vets potential renters. Ms. Griffin, 61, said she simply cleaned out the bedroom before her first boarder moved in. She charges $1,100 a month for a bedroom with a private bath, and she plans to use the extra income to fix the roof on her 1868 four-bedroom home.

“I already know repairing the roof will lead to fixing the siding and the windows,” she said.

Read the full story: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/13/realestate/how-to-refeather-your-empty-nest.html

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