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How To Take Home Photos


Listings with 5-10 photos are 10 times more likely to get booked. Pick up some helpful tips to take high-quality photos in a few seconds with your smartphone or tablet.

Tidy up your space. Check out our guide to cleaning out your extra room here.

Take pictures during the day. Shoot during the day and make sure to open blinds or curtains to let the natural light in.

Take pictures from the corner of the room. This will make your space look more spacious.

Shoot landscape photos. Always avoid shooting vertical photos.

Showcase what makes your home special. Take pictures of your favorite features in your home (e.g. reading nook, your photo-lined hallway, your lit fireplace etc.).

Check out some of our favorite Listing photos from real Nesterly Hosts for inspiration:

Already have nice photos of your home, but would like help uploading them to the site? Send us an email at hello@nesterly.io. We’ll be happy to upload them for you.

Need help taking photos? Send us an email and we’ll schedule a time to send a free photographer to take photos.

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