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Host Guide – Finalizing Your Nesterly Homeshare


Congratulations! Now that you’ve connected with a great Guest and decided to move forward, you’re just a couple steps away from finalizing your homeshare. 

Step 1: Customize and share your Homesharing Agreement with your Guest.

The Homesharing Agreement will help you define exactly how you would like to share your home. Share your Homesharing Agreement with your Guest and discuss the terms. Feel free to reach out to hello@nesterly.io for assistance.

When the agreement is finalized, please sign the document and send a copy of the signature page to hello@nesterly.io or (781) 205-9607.

Step 2: Confirm your booking online.

1. Log into www.nesterly.io and navigate to your message with the Guest you’d like to move forward with.

2. Click ‘Confirm homeshare’ on the top right of your chat. From here, you will finalize the dates, monthly rent amount, and any task exchange reduction. After updating the terms, click ‘Confirm details’.

3. If this is your first Nesterly homeshare, you will be prompted to initiate your background check (for U.S. citizens) or identity verification (for international applicants). Click ‘Verify yourself’ to begin the process.

Your Guest will then review the terms of the homeshare and initiate their background check or identity verification.

Step 3: Finalize your homeshare online.

Once you and your Guest’s checks and/or verifications are complete, you will be prompted via email to log back into www.nesterly.io to finalize your booking online.

Click ‘Confirm Homeshare’ in your email and then ‘Confirm Homeshare’ in the online booking. Once you finalize the booking online, your Guest will pay their first month’s rent through Nesterly. We will transfer rent to you the day after move-in.

Step 4: Get ready for move-in!

Finalize move-in logistics with your Guest and leave the rest to us. We handle monthly payments so you’re paid in a timely and secure manner. We will also check-in periodically and provide support as-needed throughout the homeshare.

Step 5 (Optional): Spread the word! – Help us build a more interconnected and affordable world by telling your friends and neighbors about Nesterly.

Go to our Refer a Friend or Partners page to download and print materials to share with your community.

Write us a Google Review by clicking here.

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