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Guest Tips and Tricks


We’ve helped a ton of wonderful people find a new home. Here are a few things we’d recommend:

  • Hedge Your Bets – we know it’s tempting to just message that one Host in the perfect location, but trust us and message 3 – 4 to start.
  • Show Your Personality – in your first message, make sure to introduce yourself. Hosts often receive multiple messages and it will help you stand out.
  • Don’t Forget Your ABC’s – Boston is known for it’s public transportation. Don’t rule out a location just because it seems far away. The train (known as ‘The T’) is an amazing resource. Here’s a cool mapping tool that will help you figure out what neighborhoods fit your ideal commute!
  • Help Us Help You – still not finding what you’re looking for? Sign up for Listing Alerts on our Explore Listings page and always feel free to ask us any questions at hello@nesterly.io. 
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