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How to Clean Out Your Extra Room


Do you have an extra room filled with storage, random knick-knacks, old things left behind by family members, or who knows what else? Does the thought of spending days clearing and organizing it make you anxious and stressed? Don’t worry, we’re going to use a popular prioritization technique to help you take that first step.

First, pick a time today, tomorrow morning, or this weekend where you’ll have 2 minutes free. Yes, just 2 minutes.

Second, set aside some index cards or a pad of sticky notes and a pen or pencil.

Now, when it comes time, do the following:

  1.  Take your index cards or sticky notes and:
      a.   Write “DONATE’” on 2 of them
      b.   Write “THROW AWAY” on 2 of them
      c.   Write “MOVE ROOMS” on 2 of them
      d.   Write “BOX AND STORE” on 2 of them
  2.  Start a timer on your phone or a clock for 2 minutes
  3.  Now, walk into the room and place each of the cards or sticky notes   onto a box, piece of furniture, or something else in the room
  4.  Hurry! You need to have placed each index card or sticky note by the   end of the timer

Once the timer goes off or you’re done placing the cards, take a step back and marvel at your work – you’ve officially started and have a clear next step. That wasn’t so hard!

Hopefully you can guess what happens next:

  • Go label and place more index cards and sticky notes until everything in the room is categorized
  • Start donating, throwing away, moving, or boxing each item
  • Keep using 2-minute timers to help get started!

Did you love this? Hate it? Was it helpful? Not helpful? Let us know and we’ll update this article with your feedback!

Also, once your room is clear, don’t forget that you can turn that space into extra income and rent your room to a younger person who can help around the home via Nesterly

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