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Team Nesterly attends the World Homesharing Congress in Madrid!


Saludos desde Madrid! We’re in Spain for the fifth World Homesharing Congress. While Nesterly’s digital approach to homesharing is new, the concept of homesharing is actually centuries old. There are a number of organizations all over the world that manually make matches each year, and they’ve got heartwarming stories and delighted participants to show for it. As we’re the new kids on the block, we wanted to come learn from the pros, and meet more people in our new professional community.

More than 140 homeshare practitioners from 11 countries have converged on stunning Madrid City Hall, including some fellow Americans from Vermont and the Bay Area! It’s amazing to be surrounded by such a multicultural group brought together by a shared belief in the power of homesharing. We’ve got three days of sessions ranging from academic lectures on best practices to breakout groups on specific practitioners’ matching experiences to awe-inspiring personal presentations from homesharers themselves.

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