About Us

On any given night, more than 50 million bedrooms sit empty across the U.S. Many of these spare rooms belong to established households. At the same time, millions of young renters struggle to afford the high prices in areas near schools and jobs. nesterly targets both of these issues by connecting households with extra rooms to those seeking affordable rents through unique task-housing arrangements. With nesterly, guests can now pay part of their rent by helping around the house, and hosts can make their homes work better for them, no matter their needs.

Homesharing is not a new idea; in fact, people have been doing intergenerational homesharing for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, in today’s society these arrangements typically occur informally or through Craigslist. That’s where we come in. nesterly is an online platform that facilitates offline connections. Our rapidly growing community is comprised of people from all different walks of life who have come together around a shared interest in making the world a little better. We hope you’ll look around and decide to get involved. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@nesterly.net.