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nesterly enables personalized task-housing exchanges

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How it works

nesterly is a digital meeting place that helps unlock the potential of our homes and communities. Through nesterly, households with spare space can easily connect with others who are seeking affordable, medium-term housing. Guests can exchange help around the house for reduced rent, and households can make better use of their empty rooms. Our unique platform offers a secure place for hosts and guests to find each other, bond over shared interests and experiences, agree to a clear set of terms for their homesharing arrangement, and build a new way of living together. Everyone wins.

Create and share your profile

Both hosts and guests post a bit about themselves and what they’re looking for in a shared home

Make a connection

Guests can search available rooms and reach out to hosts. Community members can interact securely through the platform to find the right fit and set up their house rules.

Confirm the match and enjoy

Once both the host and guest decide to move forward, they sign a nesterly homesharing agreement and pay securely through the site.


At nesterly, we’re committed to changing the way that we use our homes. Cities across the U.S. are facing crushing affordability crises, while at the same time more people than ever are living alone in spaces that are mismatched to their needs. Through our easy-to- use platform, we facilitate connections that break down barriers across age, race, class, ethnicity, and more. We foster community stability by enabling people to stay in their homes while still welcoming fresh faces to the neighborhood. We create new affordable housing at no cost and empower people to step outside of their comfort zones to take a chance on an experience that might just change their lives.